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To be quite honest, I am rather fond of the finer things in life and I prefer quite, romantic dates to noisy nightclubs. As always, the choice is yours, and I would be delighted to be your companion for any date you have in mind. 


However, here is a small selection of smart restaurants and cool hotels in London and some relaxing country retreats.

Ideas: List1

Dining Together

I simply adore good food and enjoy a wide variety of cuisines. If you happen to be undecided about where to go, here are a few of my choices:


Intimate Rendezvous

I adore unique, discreet, and smartly designed boutique hotels, find some of my favorites here:

Ideas: List3

Countryside Escapes

The English countryside is second to none, be it the Lake District or the amazingly beautiful coast of Cornwall. Our time away together in England will simply be divine.

  and more here...

Ideas: List4


Enjoy my company so much, you'd like me whisk me away some place nice or exotic, who does not enjoy islands, the sound of ocean waves, a smooth windy breeze and a relaxing lie in the sun, be it Tahiti, the Caribbeans, Hawaii, there are so many left to see...

Or how about a city break together?


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